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RRRA Technology

Image by Florian Krumm

RRRA has been servicing the Teleradiology space in Australia since 2001. During that time we have streamlined our service to best suit our various client requirements. 


Our clients leverage off our existing RIS/PACs and may alleviate themselves from the significant costs associated with RIS/PACS implementation and any ongoing maintenance or image storage costs.


Image and patient data is routed from the client’s site to our PACS server via a secure link and is processed according to our existing RRRA workflow

RRRA takes care of any Medicare billing and claiming on behalf of our clients.


Clients have several options as to the type of report delivery available to their referrers.


Referrers can receive access to view their patient’s diagnostic quality images online.  


The study images are archived on the RRRA PACS to enable historical comparisons of image sets.  


All patient data and images remains on our secure RIS/PACS system for your referrer’s reference.

Image by NASA
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How can we assist you?

Are you looking to open a small imaging practice?

Do you think about setting up a mobile service?

Perhaps you are unhappy with your current reporting provider?

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